A Special Reward
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Is there a certain item you plan on purchasing as soon as you “make it big”? Maybe a certain pair of red-soled shoes? Or a delicious designer handbag? Or maybe there is something special you plan on doing once you become really successful. Like a trip to Paris… Or a trip around the world! Well [...]

There is a certain lie about Pinterest that is causing millions of business owners to believe that they can’t use it for their businesses. This misunderstanding is causing them to miss out on tons of free exposure and traffic. Not to mention, tons of potential customers! You see, many service-based business owners believe that you [...]

A lot of people ask me what my favorite part about being an entrepreneur is. Income and influence are both wonderful, but my favorite part is the freedom. You see, since I started running my own businesses, I’ve been able to travel whenever I want and live wherever I want. And the rarity and value [...]

I love playing with the big boys, but even in the most male dominated professional settings I refuse to sacrifice my feminine style. My work wardrobe is a mixture of clean lined simplicity with accents of frills and sass. However, not all of us are flamboyantly feminine, so if this is your first foray into [...]

I had the opportunity to attend a very exclusive marketing conference this past weekend in DC. I personally love conferences. I love to learn and hear about what other people are doing in their businesses. Well this conference in particular had some very successful people both speaking and in attendance which was why getting the [...]

 What’s your favorite motivational quote or saying? Please share it below! I’ll be personally reviewing all comments.

Myths are funny things aren’t they? The more people that believe something, the more we believe it must be true. However, there are 5 myths about Pinterest that I want to warn you about because they are COMPLETELY FALSE. 1) Pinterest is only for women, so unless you sell stuff for women you shouldn’t use [...]

A Major Breakthrough!
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Recently my home decor businesses has been doing BETTER THAN EVER. The traffic and the sales have been going through the roof. Here’s a “behind the scenes” peak at my Analytics Account: Each morning my inbox is filled with emails from stores that want to carry my line, magazine editors that want to give me [...]

Have you ever noticed how many years of education and training other professions and careers require? Let me lay it out for you.. What You Have To Do To Become a Certified Professional: -Doctor – Approx 11 Years of Education. -Teacher – At Least 4 Years of Education. -Lawyer – Around 8 Years. -Psychologist – [...]

I’m in Love!!
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Pin this photo if you like it! Pin It I lie awake at night unable to sleep because of the butterflies that are fluttering in my stomach. All of the sudden I feel irrationality strong, confident and beautiful. I’m brave enough to take crazy risks because my passion overrides any of my fears or doubts. [...]

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