My Pinterest Marketing Presentation in Stockholm, Sweden

As you may know, I had the incredible honor of speaking at Scandinavia's largest e-commerce summit last week. I can't even begin to describe what an exciting experience the whole event was.

It was my first time speaking abroad, and alongside my husband, as we presented just exactly what Pinterest is and how to use it to market a business to the massive crowd (well over 1,000 people)!

I was able to get the footage of my presentation and thought that you may be interested in learning some of my favorite Pinterest Marketing Tips.

It was so much fun and my wonderful professor from college even introduced us on stage.

Just click the play button below to watch the video.

 If you'd like to learn more about how to use Pinterest to gain exposure for your business, feel free to join me on one of my free live webinars. You can sign up here:

On a funny side note - We were the first speakers and realized after watching the next few presentations, that the Swedish are much more demure and shy on stage. People kept coming up to us afterwards and telling us how much they enjoyed our energy and directness on stage! It was so fascinating spending the week learning more about the differences in the e-commerce business culture in Europe.

People came up to me with pages of notes after the presentation, which I always take as the ultimate compliment.

So what did you think?

What other areas regarding Pinterest Marketing would you like to learn more about?

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  1. Deen Teer says:

    I always become inspired listening to the strategic tips from Melanie.
    I have been methodically impilementing the tools suggested in her tools suggestion list. Thank you for all you have shared.

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  2. Hengam says:

    Great tips on Pinterest Melanie :o )

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  3. Mae says:

    So inspiring! I loved every second! Congratulations!!!

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  4. liz hickey says:

    What a fine presentation you made. I like the energy of male/female presentations, I think they work very well. Congratulations. XX liz

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  5. Bibi Pierson says:

    Fantastic presentation and great energy!! Definitely staying tuned for more to come

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    BONUS: My list of TOOLS: Programs, Services, & Software I use to run my businesses.

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